Fun Facts about Volkswagen

We have all fell in love with our Volkswagen. And after working on one, you'll find that they are unique in body style and the way they are put together. However, have you ever wanted to know a little more about this German manufacturer?

  1. Volkswagen was founded by Adolf Hitler in 1937. He built an entire city just to house the factory and workers.
  2. The original Volkswagen Beetle was one of the best-selling cars for the entire 20th century, selling over 21.5 million vehicles.
  3. Volkswagen owns many other automakers, including luxury brands like Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, and Bentley.
  4. Volkswagen accounts for over one-third of every vehicle sold in Germany and accounted for one out of every 10 sold in the world in 2014.
  5. As of 2015, Volkswagen is the top-selling automaker in the world.
  6. With nearly 600,000 workers as of 2015, Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest employers.
  7. The VW beetle's original name was the Volkswagen Type 1.
  8. The name Volkswagen translates directly into English from German as “People’s Car,” because it was designed to be an affordable car for the German people.
  9. Ferdinand Porsche (yes, that name sounds familiar!) designed the original prototype for the Volkswagen Type 1 in ten months.
  10. The VW Beetle was produced from 1938 to 2003 – that’s 65 years!
  11. Volkswagen used to give savings bonds to babies who were born in Beetles – though giving birth in a car is never anyone’s top choice, at least they got some compensation for it!
  12. The first Volkswagen vehicles to arrive in the US came stateside in 1949.
  13. The world record for the most people to fit inside of a VW Beetle at one time is 57. How this was done remains a complete mystery to me.
  14. New Volkswagens are named after global wind currents. “Golf” is actually the German name for the Gulf stream.
  15. The most famous Volkswagen in the world is “Herbie,” from the 1968 movie The Love Bug.

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