EMPI D 36mm - Dual with Stacks

EMPI D 36mm - Dual with Stacks

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High pressure aluminum die cast manufacturing process ensures excellent dimensional accuracy and smooth surfaces. Idle Jets on the TOP of the Carburetor for easy access with Extended Idle Jet Holders to help prevent clogged Idle Jets and increased mid-range performance. Extended Float Bowl Vent helps prevent sloshing and keeps dirt from entering the carburetor. Large Float Bowl for extended runs at full throttle. 5-6 Progression Ports that allow for extremely smooth acceleration and drivability. Brass Port Ball designed with a special punch head and special installation tooling that sets the ball - assuring that it cannot move or allow fuel leakage / drip. Decompression Valve - eliminates drips caused by pent-up pressure. No Enrichment / Choke Circuit - no additional moving parts to worry about. Large Fuel Inlet (Banjo) with Special Sealing Washers. Brass Hex-Head Mixture Screws. No Enrichment / Choke Circuit. Includes Chrome Velocity Stacks (Except Type 3 Kit). Supported by a complete selection of Calibration Components, Rebuild Kits, Gaskets and Spare Parts.

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