THE RAPTOR: Sand Seal Edition Ocean Wave

THE RAPTOR: Sand Seal Edition Ocean Wave

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The MST Serpentine Pulley System is famous for reliability, consistency, and overall quality – all while making your engine look amazing! This system delivers a slight horsepower improvement by reducing belt slip and delivering more cooling to your engine than the standard V-belt setup. You will love how much quieter your engine runs, too!

Available in a variety of anodized colors including, Black, Blue, Silver, Red, and Lime Green. Get your MST Raptor Serpentine System today and match it up with our other great products to get that custom look across your entire engine.

Your Raptor Serpentine Pulley System Kit includes:

Crank Pulley (with CNC-Machined Timing Marks)
Alternator/Generator Pulley
Idler Bracket Assembly with Bearing
Custom Stainless Steel Crank Bolt and Alternator/Generator Nut
4-Rib Belt
Mounting Hardware
Billet Aluminum Sand Seal Adapter with Hardware
SCAT Sand Seal
Installation instructions

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